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What's New

Hospital Compare Has Been Refreshed (10/19/2016)

The October 2016 Hospital Compare Refresh includes HCAHPS scores from January 2015 through December 2015 data collections.

Summary Analyses Page Tables Have Been Updated (10/19/2016)

The following tables have been added to the HCAHPS Web site Summary Analyses page:

  • October 2016 Summary of HCAHPS Survey Results Table
  • October 2016 HCAHPS Percentiles Table

The Star Ratings Distributions Have Been Updated (10/19/2016)

The following tables have been added to the HCAHPS Web site Star Ratings page:

  • October 2016 HCAHPS Stars Ratings Distributions
  • October 2016 HCAHPS Summary Star Distributions by US State

Updated: HCAHPS Bibliography Citation (10/13/2016)

Recently published articles have been added to the HCAHPS Bibliography listing. The updated HCAHPS Bibliography Citation can be accessed from the Home Page.

The December 2016 Public Report Preview Period Begins October 8, 2016 (10/11/2016)

The December 2016 Public Report Preview Reports are now available on the QualityNet Secure Portal to participating providers and Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs). The Preview Reports will be available from October 8, 2016 through November 6, 2016. (To access the report, you must be registered as a QualityNet Secure Portal user and have been assigned the QIO Clinical Data Warehouse Feedback Report role). The data that appear in the Preview Reports will be reported on Hospital Compare, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Web site for Medicare beneficiaries and the general public, in December 2016.

25 Completed HCAHPS Surveys Required for Hospital HCAHPS Scores to be Publicly Reported on Hospital Compare (10/11/2016)

Beginning with the December 2016 Hospital Compare refresh, HCAHPS scores based on fewer than 25 completed surveys will no longer be publicly reported. From December forward, the Hospital Compare Web site will report “Not Applicable” and Footnote 5, “Results are not available for this reporting period,” for hospitals that have fewer than 25 completed HCAHPS Surveys. However, the Public Reporting Preview Report, which a hospital can access during the preview period, will continue to include the hospital’s HCAHPS scores and number of completed surveys.

Patient-Mix Coefficients for December 2016 HCAHPS Results Have Been Posted (10/11/2016)

The Patient-Mix Coefficients for the December 2016 HCAHPS results are now available. Please click here to access the Mode & Patient-Mix Adjustment page.

Star Ratings: December 2016 Technical Notes Have Been Posted (10/11/2016)

The Technical Notes for the December 2016 HCAHPS results are now available. The December 2016 HCAHPS Star Ratings are included in the hospital Preview Reports (available to hospitals from October 8, 2016 through November 6, 2016), and will be Publicly Reported on Hospital Compare in December 2016. Please click here to access the HCAHPS Star Ratings page.

HCAHPS Public Reporting Periods for October 2016 Through December 2018 Have Been Posted (09/14/2016)

Click here to view the HCAHPS Public Reporting Periods document. This document indicates which calendar quarters of HCAHPS results will be publicly reported on the Hospital Compare Web site through December 2018.

Please Note: The dates of future preview periods and public reporting are estimates based on current timetables and are subject to change.

V.34 MS-DRG Codes Effective October 1, 2016 (09/02/2016)

CMS has adopted V.34 MS-DRG Codes effective October 1, 2016. Please click here for the Table of V.34 MS-DRG Codes and HCAHPS Service Line Categories.

FY 2017 IPPS Final Rule Has Been Published (08/25/2016)

The FY 2017 IPPS Final Rule, establishing the Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS), is now available on the Federal Register.

The Final Rule and related tables are available at the following URL:

CMS Proposes Removal of the Pain Management Dimension from Hospital Value-Based Purchasing in FY 2018 (07/06/2016)

In the recently published CY 2017 OPPS/ASC Proposed rule, CMS has proposed to remove the Pain Management dimension from the scoring formula used in the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program (Hospital VBP), beginning with the FY 2018 payment adjustments. The Pain Management dimension is derived from Questions 12, 13 and 14 on the HCAHPS Survey.

Please note that the Pain Management questions will remain on the HCAHPS Survey and the Pain Management measure will continue to be publicly reported on Hospital Compare.

Please monitor the HCAHPS Web site for future announcements about the Pain Management measure.

HCAHPS XML File Specifications V3.8 Have Been Posted (06/29/2016)

The HCAHPS XML File Specifications Version 3.8 have been added to the HCAHPS Web site Technical Specifications Page. The HCAHPS Technical File Specifications V3.8 are to be used starting with July 1, 2016 patient discharges.