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Hospital Compare Has Been Refreshed (04/16/2015)

The April 2015 Hospital Compare Refresh includes HCAHPS scores from July 2013 through June 2014 data collections.

HCAHPS Summary Star Ratings Go Live (04/16/2015)

HCAHPS Star Ratings were added to the Hospital Compare Web site in April 2015. This is the first time that star ratings have been used on this Web site. Click here to access the Star Ratings Page.

Summary Analyses Page Tables Have Been Updated (04/16/2015)

The following tables have been added to the HCAHPS Web site Summary Analyses Page:

  • April 2015 Summary of HCAHPS Survey Results Table
  • April 2015 HCAHPS Percentiles Table
  • April 2015 HCAHPS Patient-Level Correlations Table
  • April 2015 HCAHPS Hospital Characteristics Comparison Charts

Updated: HCAHPS Fact Sheet Has Been Posted (04/16/2015)

The HCAHPS Fact Sheet has been revised and is posted to the Facts Page. Click here to access the Facts Page.

Updated: HCAHPS Bibliography Citation (04/16/2015)

A recently published article has been added to the HCAHPS Bibliography listing. The updated HCAHPS Bibliography Citation can be accessed from the Home Page.

HCAHPS Quality Assurance Guidelines V10.0 Survey Materials now Posted (04/07/2015)

The HCAHPS mail survey materials, including telephone and IVR scripts are now available. Please click here to access the Survey Instruments Page.

The July 2015 Public Report Preview Period begins April 3, 2015 (04/03/2015)

The July 2015 Public Report Preview Reports are now available on the QualityNet Secure Portal to participating providers and Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs). The Preview Reports will be available from April 3, 2015 to May 2, 2015. (To access the report, you must be registered as a QualityNet Secure Portal user and have been assigned the QIO Clinical Data Warehouse Feedback Report role). The data that appear in the Preview Reports will be reported on Hospital Compare, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Web site for Medicare beneficiaries and the general public, in July 2015.

Patient-Mix Coefficients for July 2015 HCAHPS Results Have Been Posted (04/03/2015)

The Patient-Mix Coefficients for the July 2015 HCAHPS results are now available. Please click here.

Participation Form Submission Deadline has Closed (03/26/2015)

The time period for submitting requests for consideration of approval to administer the HCAHPS Survey has closed.

HCAHPS Quality Assurance Guidelines V10.0 Now Available Online (02/25/2015)

The HCAHPS Project Team is pleased to announce the release of the HCAHPS Quality Assurance Guidelines V10.0. This manual has been revised from V9.0 and includes additional updates and enhancements that provide a comprehensive resource for hospitals and survey vendors participating in the HCAHPS initiative. This updated version is now available online to view or download on the Quality Assurance page.

In addition, the HCAHPS Quality Assurance Guidelines V10.0 manual, on CD-ROM, is in the process of being distributed to each organizations’ contact person registered for the upcoming Introduction to HCAHPS and HCAHPS Update Training sessions.

Official HCAHPS Survey Scores (02/20/2015)

Official HCAHPS Survey scores are published on the Hospital Compare Web site. CMS would like to emphasize that HCAHPS scores are designed and intended for use at the hospital level that is the comparison of hospitals to each other (designated by their CMS Certification Number). CMS does not review or endorse the use of HCAHPS scores for comparisons within hospitals, such as comparison of HCAHPS scores associated with a particular ward, floor, individual staff member, etc. to others. Such comparisons are unreliable unless large sample sizes are collected at the ward, floor, or individual staff member level.

HCAHPS Approved Survey Vendors Deadline for Obtaining Hospital Client(s) (01/09/2015)

As per the HCAHPS Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG), V9.0: “If an HCAHPS Survey vendor does not have any contracted client hospitals for HCAHPS within two years (a consecutive 24 months) of the date it received approval to administer the HCAHPS Survey, then that survey vendor’s “Approved” status for HCAHPS Survey administration will be withdrawn” (Program Requirements Chapter, page 32).

If your organization is interested in once again requesting consideration for status as an approved HCAHPS Survey vendor, then your organization must take the following steps. (Note: prior approval as an HCAHPS Survey vendor does not assure future approval)

  • Meet the current HCAHPS Minimum Business Requirements (Program Requirement Chapter, pages 32-37)
  • Attend the Introduction to HCAHPS Survey Training sessions – Week of March 2-5, 2015
  • Submit an HCAHPS Participation Form to request consideration as an approved HCAHPS Survey vendor
  • Participate in an HCAHPS Participation Teleconference

Please be sure to continue to monitor the HCAHPS Web site for future training and participation announcements. If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact us at