HCAHPS Minimum Business Requirements

Updated HCAHPS Minimum Business Requirements to Administer the HCAHPS Survey

To administer the HCAHPS Survey, organizations must meet all of the HCAHPS Minimum Business Requirements:

  • Survey vendors, and their subcontractor(s) if applicable, must meet all of the Survey Vendor Minimum Business Requirement
    • Subcontractor(s)/partner(s) and other organization(s) performing major HCAHPS Survey Administration functions (e.g., mail/phone/web operations, XML file preparation) must meet all HCAHPS Minimum Business Requirements that pertain to that role
  • Hospitals that self-administer the HCAHPS 2.0 Survey must meet all of the Self-administering Hospital Minimum Business Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate their recent survey experience (i.e., provide documentation of meeting survey experience requirements). When reviewing Participation Forms, CMS will consider any prior experience and past performance the applicant organization and/or subcontractor(s) may have with administering CMS surveys or other patient experience surveys.

To view or download a pdf version of the HCAHPS Minimum Business Requirements, please click here.

This page was last modified on (12/05/23)